Saturday, 30 May 2015


Loyalty profound by the innocence we feel, forcing us to succumb to its blinding power to satisfy the will of others over our own needs. Where loyalty stands strong so does the comfort in our thoughts that we to will share the umbrella of security when needing some support during life's toughest times. Is it our own ignorance that fails to remind us of the saying "you only have very few good friends in your lifetime". Not many of us can confidently say that we know for sure that most of our friends will do the same for us as we do for them. We also know that what we expect from each other is limited by our own forgiving social groups. If we simply didn't put up with any disrespect to our moral ground we would have a smaller circle of friends made purely of true friends who share the same ideological views that we are proud to stand by.The more we compromise our values the more we cant stand proud of where our loyalty's lie.

Sunday, 10 February 2013


Appreciation seems to be enough to propel you through the tough times that would normally knock you down. We want to feel that we matter by those that we are meant to respect. There must be a common ground of respect if we expect to get along with each other and see eye to eye on a daily basis. How can we expect others to show us any form of appreciation if we can't show them the same level of decency?. Most people share a simple philosophy to treat others the same way as they would want to be treated. But this usually coincides with treating others with the same respect you yourself are receiving. So it is only normal to assume that if there is no appreciation shown in a relationship than that the same level of respect will be reciprocated. If you would prefer to see yourself with the integrity that promotes higher values by not taking in the negative influences that sometimes have been thrusted upon you, then your basically saying you are comfortable with treating people better than they are treating you. The truth of the matter is not everybody will give you the respect you deserve and there are a lot of people who will take advantage of your generous behaviour. So keep that in mind when making the decision to stand up for yourself by not letting people treat you like a fool, because we are more than just matter and where it counts we do matter to those that are important to us. Let those who don't count to us wallow in their own sorrows because that is what's install for those who's mind is full of negativity leaving them with a negative aura that promotes bitterness and leads to a lonely lifestyle.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


We all are guilty of sharing a secret with someone, even though we have assured the keeper of the secret that the truth will stay with us alone. This doesn't mean our partners are excluded from our new gained information that we believed wasn't part of our secret bond. There are other exclusions that cant be part of the pact made, friends who have informed you when they assured others that they weren't going to let you in on the secret and those we let the know of the secret because the information could help a friend out of a dilemma. As long as you didn't give the information directly to them you can feel that little bit better that your not completely in the wrong. Unless the unwritten rule stands where you swear either with your pinky or on a loved ones life, then you have to face the music when its found out that you've known the secret but you have kept it to yourself. Everyone knows that previous informant losses out on this latest news because a pinky swear is a pinky swear and you don't want to risk giving any information up with the chance of someones life being in harms way. Eventually what you've said will come out even if the chances are slim so be prepared to wear it and take responsibility for what you've said. Backstabbing those that you only have because you wanted to be safe on the band wagon is the quickest way to have regrets because people can be stupid in a crowd where as an individual you tend to react without the fear of the misguidance of others so what your giving may vary from what the mob is asking for.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Most people live their life trying not to stand out by avoiding situations that might create a big splash around them, which may bring them closer to experience unwanted attention. Keeping their feet away from any waves and not getting their feet wet can be compared to surviving and not living. Majority of their energy is spent trying to avoid getting their feet wet rather than trying to experience life with all the bumpy waves that make it challenging and helps to separate the monotonous tasks that sometimes can overtake our daily duties. It is the waves in the ocean that defines our being, to be pacific our essence is in the detail. You must throw all yourself out in the ocean, as we only have one chance to give it our all. So hiding yourself in the crowd can only hide your true potential, so brace yourself and build yourself to your true ethics and then no one can knock you down.

Monday, 7 January 2013


You may work in the same working environment and share similar responsibilities, but it doesn't mean your working under the same regime. Most jobs try to stand for fairness and equality, but where there is human emotions, so there is flawed standards. Standards that change depending on your relationship with those in power. There are three motives that can influence your working environment, positive negative and neutral. Neutral may come with wins and loss's and all that just depends on the controller's state of mind. Neutral still gives you a chance of having a good day as long as they're having a good day. Positive the Irish luck is on your side, you can't put a foot wrong and lastly the most entertaining and not always in a good way is negative, where someone is trying to convince you what's happening is the norm. What they are really saying is this is normal for you because they carry the sceptre of power, so there. This is funny because you could almost imagine what they were like as kids and why nobody wanted to play with them. Life becomes funny when the predictability of others becomes the soap opera in your daily workplace. Especially when peoples stupid and predictable behaviour becomes the norm. So to get what you deserve in life you'd better be liked and remember its not what you know its who you know that matters in a happy work place.

Friday, 4 January 2013


Words can direct you to several related meanings, each word creates a profound impact by highlighting the relationship and the significance of each individual word. The power of language can cause a domino affect because the relationship between each word doesn't just stop with one meaning, it tells you the real story that hides behind the tricks of language. This allows you to decipher the core meaning of the word through connection of their meanings. One word leads you to another, and strengthens the path to the true intentions of the speaker. Our ability to analyse each word allows us to interpret its true meaning. Words that are said to our face aren't always the story that is being told behind our backs. Do those who lie directly to us acknowledge that they too are lying to themselves.

Sunday, 7 October 2012


When business is just business their leaves no room for compassion, without compassion you can lose a lot of business. Our ability to connect and relate to each other heightens our human touch which enables us to work out what people desire.Without knowing what people's wants are we aren't able to distinguish who our market is and how to take an advantage buisness perspective. People's needs must be sated if we expect them to give us their best. Loyalty comes when respect is shown thats why most people will do more for someone who is friendly and kind than for a those who are arrogant and rude. Time shared with others, the reward should always out weigh the punishment otherwise what is the point. Business is about people and peolpe want to be happy. So treat people the way you want to be treated and you will be surprised how much happier and successful you become.