Saturday, 30 May 2015


Loyalty profound by the innocence we feel, forcing us to succumb to its blinding power to satisfy the will of others over our own needs. Where loyalty stands strong so does the comfort in our thoughts that we to will share the umbrella of security when needing some support during life's toughest times. Is it our own ignorance that fails to remind us of the saying "you only have very few good friends in your lifetime". Not many of us can confidently say that we know for sure that most of our friends will do the same for us as we do for them. We also know that what we expect from each other is limited by our own forgiving social groups. If we simply didn't put up with any disrespect to our moral ground we would have a smaller circle of friends made purely of true friends who share the same ideological views that we are proud to stand by.The more we compromise our values the more we cant stand proud of where our loyalty's lie.


  1. If you only spend with the same views as yourself than you will never learn anything new.

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